Vocabulario para lectura y escritura

Vocabulario para lectura

Personas Palabras interrogativas Otras (contenido)
Abraham Lincoln How colors
George Washington What dollar bill
Cívica When first
American flag Where largest
Bill of Rights Who many
capital Why most
citizen Verbos north
city can one
Congress come people
country do/does second
Father of Our Country elects south
government have/has
President is/are/was/be
right lives/lived
Senators meet
state/states name
White House pay
Lugar vote
America want
United States Otras (funcionales)
U.S. a
Feriados for
Presidents’ Day here
Memorial Day in
Flag Day of
Independence Day on
Labor Day the
Columbus Day to
Thanksgiving we

Vocabulario para escritura


Feriados north
Adams Presidents’ Day one
Lincoln Memorial Day one hundred/100
Washington Flag Day people
Cívica Independence Day red
American Indian Labor Day second
capital Columbus Day south
citizens Thanksgiving taxes
Civil War Verbos white
Congress can
Father of Our Country come
flag elect
free have/has
freedom of speech is/was/be
President lives/lived
right meets
Senators pay
state/states vote
White House want
Lugar Otras (funcionales)
Alaska and
California during
Canada for
Delaware here
Mexico in
New York City de
United States on
Washington the
Washington D.C. to
Meses we
February Otras (contenido)
May blue
June dollar bill
July fifty/50
September first
October largest
November most